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Casey Herrold
Eric Banks
Bill Herrold
phone 503 234 3755
fax 503 234 1749
2805 SE 15th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97202

Welcome to Trade Printing

Everyone knows the value of buying wholesale. Look at the success of places like Costco and Bulk Foods in today's marketplace. There is no difference when it comes to buying printing. If you can avoid the costs of sales people, markup and advertising, you can get a better value.
We specialize in working with brokers and print buyers who know what they want. We have the experience to back it up. We have been working with the retail printing industry since 1986.
Most industries allow the customer to just Google what they want and buy it wholesale. Printing is different. There is no getting around having experience buying good quality, fast turnaround printing at a fair price. Whether it is digital or offset, you still need to know what you are doing.
That is where the staff at Trade Printing comes in. They have a whole bunch of years of experience . They can give you an analysis of your print needs and give you the straight feedback you want.
We don't want to sell you printing, we want you to come here to buy printing because that is your job. Its your job to find the best value, right? Your job is to compare our prices, compare our quality, then add in the service and experience and we are confident that Trade Printing is your solution.